Sat, Jan 20, 2018
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Café Mama is relaxed, informal, safe, baby-friendly, kid friendly, non-medical environment with medical professionals. 

You may ask to see a certificate displayed showing staff's training and credentials.
Café Mama is a place:

  • To meet other breastfeeding mamas.
  • Where your breastfeeding relationship is valued, honored and protected.
  • To receive accurate information about breastfeeding, from knowledgeable and trained lactation consultants
  • To be helped in a way that respects you and your baby.
  • Where we counsel with a ‘hands off’ approach. Sometimes we may ask permission to work over your hands so that you learn by doing.
  • Where all information is evidence-based and protects and promotes breastfeeding and the relationship between you and your baby.
  • That allows you to make informed decisions and where you will be supported in the decisions you make. 
  • Your records are confidential and will be shared only with your health care professionals with your permission.
  • Others will not hold your baby or feed your children without your consent. 
  • Where your comfort is our main focus.

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