Sat, Jan 20, 2018
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What is Café Mama? 

Café Mama is a flexible event space in New Baby New Paltz. The space is open when the store is open and also for special events outside of the store hours. Our mission is for friendship, learning & encouragement. It’s a place that embraces mothers and mothering. 

What do you offer? 

You can attend groups and also stop by if you need to feed, change a diaper or use the bathroom. 

We have 5 groups. Expect about 6-10 moms with similar age babies. Groups with younger babies focus on you and your needs. Cruiser's and mixed-age groups include mother & baby socializing and baby activities. You can drop in - you don't need a reservation. It's OK if you are late and you can leave early if you need to. We offer weekly groups because moms need consistent ongoing support.

Who can come? 

All parents are welcome. It doesn't matter how you feed or diaper your baby or how you gave birth. You really can come in your pajamas without a shower and nobody make fun of you. In fact, they will celebrate you getting out of the house!

Are Dads welcome?

Dads are welcome at all the Cruiser's and All Ages play groups and family events. The New Mother's Social Circle is for mothers only. The Breastfeeding Circle is open to anyone who is breastfeeding, chestfeeding or breastmilk feeding.

Are people nice?

Yes, they are! "Mean girls," teasing, taunting and shunning are not allowed. Groups are facilitated and the conversation flows. 

Are there any underlying beliefs or parenting styles?

We believe in kind and respectful family relationships. We ask that you treat your baby and others with respect and kindness. People of all nationalities, races, religions are welcome. LGBTQ families are welcome.

You know your baby best, you know what works for your family and you can take what works for you and leave the rest.  

Is there a charge?

Your first group is free and then it's just $5 per group or by membership. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or paypal. 

Why is there a fee?

While we realize that “Free” is an option, we have expenses to run Café Mama. We looked at many options including not-for-profit 501C-3 and agency-based like Baby Café. None of those offer the flexibility that self-funding does. I used to offer a free group and moms insisted on paying for the tremendous support they received.

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