Thu, Mar 22, 2018
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"Café Mama helps mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals and be happy, confident, caring and connected."

You kinda feel alone in this whole mothering thing.

You love your baby, you love being a mom and you are exhausted and overwhelmed. You are responsible for keeping this little human alive, but are you  really good enough? Because, you never feel like you're doing a good job.

You worry.

Maybe you are also depressed and anxious. It's a huge effort trying to get the baby or kids out of the house, so some days you don't even try.  Meanwhile, it seems every other mom you see or meet has it all together. Challenges keep popping up and it's your job to avoid them or blast through them - sometimes it's everything at once and you either collapse crying, or worse, start yelling at your kids.

Being a mom is amazing, but frequently, it really sucks and nobody gets that. 

You've googled, read books and self-diagnosed what your problems are, what your baby is doing, and why you aren't happy. Not that Google knew what to do about it.

You've got your old friends, your online friends, your husband or partner, maybe even your mom and dad. They love you. Yet, they are always saying the wrong things about your mothering. They don't understand what it's like. You love your child or children so much!

Something is driving you and you can't give up. 

You've spent a ton of time and/or money on lactation consultants, or wish you did, and while things are better, breastfeeding still isn't easy and effortless.

If you are anxious or depressed, therapy keeps you functioning on some level, but you are finding that mothering is not something anyone can cheer you through with "positive affirmations" "accountability" and "little goals."

Googling your problem brings up your worst fears. Asking questions in online groups has resulted in some answers but an equal amount of jealousy and pain as you see radiant moms and babies laughing and enjoying life. 

And your old friends don't get "it." They think you can just get a babysitter and party like it's 1999. 

The problem is you are searching for something that you don't even know exists.

Café Mama offers you a place to meet friends who are also overwhelmed with children, just your child's age. Friends who will listen, commiserate and who won't say unhelpful stuff or try to fix things.  

- A place with timely and on-going breastfeeding coaching and mothering help from someone with professional and personal experience.  

- A place where you can drink a cup of tea and get mothering help in your pajamas and mom bun.

- A place where you can vent about breastfeeding, your exhaustion, your mother, your husband and how hard it is. And when you are done venting, celebrate the beauty of your baby or child and all of YOUR life's amazing things -- snuggling, smiling, rolls of fat and pooping.



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