The three principles of Café Mama

"We are not meant to raise children alone."

Mothers need three things:

1. Safety

Model love, kindness, compassion and sharing.

2. Learning 

Mothers need to tell their stories and need to hear other's stories.

3. Love

- Mothers need permission to connect and bond with their baby.

- Encourage friendships between mamas.


However you started breastfeeding

However you started BF and whatever your goal, I help you to:

- Overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed - 

- Work through difficulties

- Enjoy breastfeeding

And along the way, you'll discover how breastfeeding works for you and your baby. Breastfeeding is intuitive and natural, but often it's not easy. If you are nursing and it hurts, or you think you don't have enough milk, or your baby is having difficulty breastfeeding, 

I can help you. I've helped thousands of women over nearly two decades

There are literally hundreds of things that can contribute to painful, problematic or ineffective nursing. It can be hard to discern exactly what needs attention first.

Also, If your baby is sleepy, confused and/or clearly hungry, you will be scared and worried. And, when you are feeling frightened and uncertain, you may decide breastfeeding is just not worth it. In addition, most medical professionals don't understand how breasts work. They tend to think of medicalized solutions and not in ways that support breastfeeding. 

First, let me tell you that your baby already knows how to breastfeed.

What I do is help you learn how to let your baby breastfeed, have an abundant milk supply and enjoy breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is not just about feeding your baby. It is a way to mother that nourishes you, too. While some mothers find it amazing, intuitive, easy, natural and satisfying from day 1, many women struggle a little (or a lot) in the beginning.

You may already be successfully breastfeeding and just have questions. 

  • You are going back to work or thinking about pumping.
  • You want to know about starting solids or weaning.
  • or maybe You are wondering if something, you or your baby does, is normal.
  • It is OK if you are emotional, crying all the time or you feel too embarrassed to call.  Mothering is hard!

If you want to breastfeed, you probably can.

I will do my best to listen and help you find a way to feel better.

It is OK if you think your problem is silly, too small or not important. If you are worried, it is appropriate to ask for reassurance and guidance.

It is OK if YOU think it's a hopeless cause. I have seen hundreds of so-called hopeless cases turn completely around, sometimes within hours or days, and have happy endings.

The couch

orange sofa1When my kids were tweens, we needed a new couch.

I wanted leather and one that was big enough for us all to sprawl on. I also wanted instant gratification. I drive a full size van and it makes my life convenient. 

My mom is always game for shopping so we loaded the kids into the van and went on the hunt for "The One." As we got further and further away from New Paltz. By further, I mean Route 17 in New Jersey, it was a no-brainer to keep going to IKEA. 

I was certain that at IKEA I would find a couch at a low price, ready to load into the back of the van and we'd be sprawling on it TONIGHT.

IKEA did not disappoint, at first.

We did sprawl on our perfect couch that day. My kids picked it out and I agreed. It was perfect!

Except it was crazy expensive! it would take 8 weeks to get and it had to be delivered! I rationalized the cost in my mind, we ate swedish meatballs and drove home to sit on our old couch and dream of the new one.

It arrived on time at 7:30 am 8 weeks later. For 5 or 6 years, it was everything I wanted in a couch.

Enter the love interest with excellent taste and a better sofa.

I agree with Michael. His couch is nicer. In the resonant ways of a good partnership, his couch is very much like the couch I replaced. Wet swimsuits and muddy pants have drifted into fond memories and the cotton brocade upholstery and feather pillows of his sofa suits me just fine.

We moved the the IKEA Airport Davenport into Café Mama and I think many generations of kids will enjoy it here.

Ditching the Ballast

The New Baby New Paltz Grand Re-Opening is fast approaching and we are up to our eyeballs in work, and out of money. 

I wanted so much for this to be the kickoff of Café Mama too, but it's not going to happen. I don't much mind because I have so much to do that realism has set in. I can adjust to a different plan if it means that I'm not so stressed.

Video Day

I'm tired. 

And, happy. Today went so well. I looked at my interview and I'm tired. Why did I wait until the end to talk?

Everyone came and recorded really well- One mama from each year of NBNP came and talked. I really couldn't have hand-picked a more diverse crowd and I am filled with pride at what they've accomplished as moms and also with what they said about me.

Their gratitude boosted me!

Here's who came: Tracy from the Sanctuary, Kelly 1st year at Plattekill Ave, Amy, Jess and Heather one each of the following years at Plattekill Ave and Seraph from this summer at my house. 

Naira is editing it.

Samantha took some portaits of me being relaxed. Here's my favorite.

Relaxed 640

Claiming the URL

I bought my URLs today.

I decided against