Circle of peers

When a new mother sits in a circle of peers and everyone is breastfeeding, she thinks that is what she is supposed to be doing and she continues.


When a new mother sits in a circle of mothers and sees everyone bottle feeding, she starts to find ways to bottle-fed her baby.


So...I am walking along downtown and I see a yard sale happening. Not just any yard sale, but a nice one with a couple dozen leather chairs. I score a bunch of stuff including 6 leather chairs and a desk. 

brown leather barrel back club chair ships in 1 2 days 1.gif copy



Michael and I stuff them into the garage.

Slow Motion

With lease negotiations, obtaining building permits, and scheduling the contractor, the construction isn't going to start until October 1.

I am disheartened and eager to start! Perhaps we will be done by Thanksgiving or December 1?


This week I made the decision to condense my businesses. We are moving New Baby New World into New Baby New Paltz. 

These past 3 months, I have worked at Water Street Market, listening to the water fountain and loving my beautiful little store. I will miss it a little but it has turned stressful between staffing and stocking. In hindsight, I probably should have done this last spring but lured by the masses of New Yorkers in their stylish clothing and expensive, almost carelessly so, tastes, I stayed.

The thing that kicked me over the edge was having people go to the other store to buy something. The 'must-have' booties were always in the other store!

People asked me if I didn't feel spread thin, and I couldn't feel it before. Now, I am starting to feel the places where I am spread thin. It's going to feel so good to have Café Mama open, too! Like gathering all my children in the same room!

I found a space

photo 1 2

I decided on a space.

It's at ShopRite Plaza and not great looking but the size is right and the landlord is working with me.

Of course, the clock is ticking. I have to be moved out of 15 Plattekill Ave in two weeks and I am going to Paris on for 3 weeks on July 6. Hopefully, I can get this sorted out before I go.

The cool thing about this space is that they are building it out for me. I can have a private office and space for Café Mama!

And, generous retail space.

The Kickstarter

It's started. I feel optimistic that it's going to move smoothly and quickly.