The Interviews

We have Samantha Zbikowski of Focus on Us Photography coming to video our interviews. She is quite clear that she is only going to video.

Not Edit.

Circle of peers

When a new mother sits in a circle of peers and everyone is breastfeeding, she thinks that is what she is supposed to be doing and she continues.


When a new mother sits in a circle of mothers and sees everyone bottle feeding, she starts to find ways to bottle-fed her baby.


So...I am walking along downtown and I see a yard sale happening. Not just any yard sale, but a nice one with a couple dozen leather chairs. I score a bunch of stuff including 6 leather chairs and a desk. 

brown leather barrel back club chair ships in 1 2 days 1.gif copy



Michael and I stuff them into the garage.

Slow Motion

With lease negotiations, obtaining building permits, and scheduling the contractor, the construction isn't going to start until October 1.

I am disheartened and eager to start! Perhaps we will be done by Thanksgiving or December 1?


This week I made the decision to condense my businesses. We are moving New Baby New World into New Baby New Paltz. 

These past 3 months, I have worked at Water Street Market, listening to the water fountain and loving my beautiful little store. I will miss it a little but it has turned stressful between staffing and stocking. In hindsight, I probably should have done this last spring but lured by the masses of New Yorkers in their stylish clothing and expensive, almost carelessly so, tastes, I stayed.

The thing that kicked me over the edge was having people go to the other store to buy something. The 'must-have' booties were always in the other store!

People asked me if I didn't feel spread thin, and I couldn't feel it before. Now, I am starting to feel the places where I am spread thin. It's going to feel so good to have Café Mama open, too! Like gathering all my children in the same room!

I found a space

photo 1 2

I decided on a space.

It's at ShopRite Plaza and not great looking but the size is right and the landlord is working with me.

Of course, the clock is ticking. I have to be moved out of 15 Plattekill Ave in two weeks and I am going to Paris on for 3 weeks on July 6. Hopefully, I can get this sorted out before I go.

The cool thing about this space is that they are building it out for me. I can have a private office and space for Café Mama!

And, generous retail space.