The Kickstarter

It's started. I feel optimistic that it's going to move smoothly and quickly.

Café Mama: Another Dream

I've been thinking about how to organize the hypothetical meeting/play space into something that is financially solvent and turns into it's own community.

Michael suggests doing a Kickstarter campaign and I can see how that might work not only as a fundraiser but as a community builder. 


What would a Café have? 


Of course, hot beverages and cold beverages. I don't have the inclination for a full-blown restaurant. Maybe we can do packaged foods? Start with granola bars and a free coffee bar. Like the unlicensed clubs that will serve your bottle of alcohol to you. Get some menus and offer a carry-in option or stock up on a daily assortment of fruit, muffins and bagels.

I think of a Keurig and shudder at the plastic, but it seems like the most efficient and freshest solution.

A mothering lab

What if you didn't have to be blonde or thin or have a lot of money?

What if you didn't have to eat paleo, organic or be vegan?

What if you kept pausing your workout video so you could gaze at your baby?

What if you didn't have to be the perfect breastfeeder or use cloth diapers?

What if you could just be your perfectly imperfect self , show up when you and your baby finally got through the rough night, last minute diaper blowout, projectile vomit down your shirt morning?

What if it didn't matter that you were still fat from being pregnant?

Or couldn't keep your weight on because you feel anxious all the time?

What if you could just ask whatever questions you wanted to? Even if they were "dumb."

What if you didn't love your baby some times or days?

What if you could confess that you were scared - scared that you weren't cut out for mothering - that you aren't OK - that there must be something wrong with your baby, or you?

What if that was OK?

Café Mama is a lab for mothering. Women come in with their set of ideas and habits. Through the process of breastfeeding and loving their baby, self reflection, purposeful questions and support from other moms, mothers subtly change.

They become happy and confident, confident in themselves, as mothers, in their choices, in their lifestyle. They come out of their shells and begin contributing to their community.

They give back, listen to others and offer ideas, share their experiences and insights.

Café Mama is a no judgement zone.

The only person judging you is yourself and we hope to help you change that. You are in a safe space with people who really get what you are going thru. 

It's an unconditional circle of love.

Sound too good to be true?

It does sound good and it is true.

Read these true stories:

A prominent mother in our community felt just that way. She came wanting to wean her 3 month old baby off the breast. We gave her the information and told her to come back. She came back and she was still weaning. After a few months of weaning, she decided just to keep breastfeeding and continued for several years.

A mother was suffering from Postpartum Depression. She connected with other mothers, found a therapist, and started finding ways to grow through mothering. She found her joy again.

A mother had terrible problems breastfeeding. She was in so much pain and while everything we did improved it, it was still terrible! Each week we listened to her. Even though she was suffering, she wanted to keep breastfeeding. We gave her love and support for her pain and encouraged her to do what she felt was right.

A mom quit breastfeeding because she thought something was wrong. Her breastfeeding problems made her really unhappy. Over time she started to see how the support of the group could have helped her continue. All the things she thought were wrong with her were temporary and actually most mothers experienced them, too.